Rita Avila in Magdamag

Soledad Arvis is a middle-aged college instructor; Joven Magat, is a fire dancer who barely finished highschool. Sol is a "liberated" woman who had a string of relationships; Joven had no previous girlfriend except for a highschool crush. Sol is contemplating on leaving her present husband, to start a new relationship despite the objection of her daughters. Joven is waiting for a Swedish girlfriend who wanted to buy a property in Boracay. Joven is promised a "better life" in exchange of marrying the retired Swedish woman. When Joven and Sol had a chance meeting in Boracay during the Holy Week, they spent one sizzling night together. That one night of passion would put their basic beliefs and values into test, questioning their morals, and in the end, would help them decide on the most pressing issues confronting their lives. Magdamag is an erotically-charged examination of power relationships, gender, faith, and the nature of love. Magdamag bagged the 2nd Prize in the Palanca Literary Awards 2010.