Sa Huling Paghihintay

Erik (Bernard Palanca) meets Geri (Rica Peralejo) during a victory party on the beach. Attraction later leads to lovemaking near the beach but the morrow finds Geri gone. They meet two years later in a campus in Manila and the old flame is reignited, only for Erik to find out that Geri already has a boyfriend. Erik turns his frustration to Ruffa (Jacki Forster) and eventually sires a son with her. Erik and his 4-year-old son return to the province where he discovers Geri on the eve of her wedding day. Still very much in love with each other, Erik convinces Geri to go with him. Is Erik's waiting finally over?

Matti says Sa Huling Paghihintay is "my Romeo and Juliet without the double suicide at the end." The cinematography is impressive, giving us a glimpse of the tranquil and idyllic life in the countryside; the underwater scenes are also good. But the screenplay fails because the characterization is sketchy and the dialogue weak. This "syrupy romance" as Matti calls it does not make the viewer fall in love as he claims it would. Inserting narrations of some older couples' love story is a good idea, but the implementation falls short of the design. These interruptions are irksome as they disrupt the main story. Even the musical score is wanting.