Rita Avila in Magdamag

Soledad Arvis is a middle-aged college instructor; Joven Magat, is a fire dancer who barely finished highschool. Sol is a "liberated" woman who had a string of relationships; Joven had no previous girlfriend except for a highschool crush. Sol is contemplating on leaving her present husband, to start a new relationship despite the objection of her daughters. Joven is waiting for a Swedish girlfriend who wanted to buy a property in Boracay. Joven is promised a "better life" in exchange of marrying the retired Swedish woman. When Joven and Sol had a chance meeting in Boracay during the Holy Week, they spent one sizzling night together. That one night of passion would put their basic beliefs and values into test, questioning their morals, and in the end, would help them decide on the most pressing issues confronting their lives. Magdamag is an erotically-charged examination of power relationships, gender, faith, and the nature of love. Magdamag bagged the 2nd Prize in the Palanca Literary Awards 2010.

Ara Mina in Init Sa Tag-ulan Movie

The Ara Mina launching vehicle, "Init sa Tag-ulan" where she dares go the bold route is not your ordinary mindless bold flick meant to stir the genre with another young, new, fresh dish in the shape of his sexy young upstart in Ara Mina.

"Init sa Tag-ulan" starring ARA MINA in her first major crack at bigtime stardom has the actress fleshing out a mightily interesting role of a woman who falls prey to a romancing ghost. One who's trapped in the mystery locked beneath the sensual patter of rain on a long, cold night. That when she falls in love with another, a man, not the earth-bound spirit that has given her taste of carnal schooling, all jilted hell breaks loose. Erotic dreams are made of these.

Sabrina M in Birthday Gift 2 Movie

Labis ang galit ni Sylvia (Sabrina M) sa kanyang inang nakiapid sa kumpare nito, na siyang dahilan ng pagkamatay ng kanyang ama.

Itinakwil niya ang ina at naglayas.

Pinalaki ng tiyahin, nagtrabaho sa videoke bar kung saan niya nakilala ang kanyang naging kabiyak na mayaman ngunit may anak sa unang asawa.

Kuwento ng pag-ibig na puno ng krimen, paghihiganti, pang-aakit, pagtataksil na siyang babalot sa buhay ni Sylvia.

Sabrina M
Fernando Montenegro
Rey PJ Abellana
Aki Labarte

Rosanna Roces in Babae sa Bintana

Babae Sa Bintana contemplates the likehood of a world where the city ceases to be a symbol of progress, and becomes a mere showcase of lives ruined by modernity's failures.

Suffering severely from depression after being left by his wife, Mitch (Gomez) finds momentary distraction with the woman who just moved into the house infront of his--- Jack (Roces).

Her beauty is one thing that saves Mitch from hopelessness and desperation, but is also the very thing that unconsciously pushes him into the dangerous and inexplicable underworld of Manila.

Their precarious affair turns into perilous conflict, brought about by their descent into the dark, decaying streets of the capital city, where corruption and organized crime prevail.

Only narrow alley separates and their encounter signifies the clash of the two different worlds they represent.

A suspense-mystery unfolds, as well as a political commentary on the lives of a people trying to find the means to negotiate between poverty and the unfulfilled promises of prosperity.

Maye Tongco Movie Alipin

A tragic affair that results from a love triangle among two innocent women and a ruthless man...
Her simple dream of finishing her studies lead Sugaar (Maye Tongco) a barrio lass, intro a troublesome life. Living-in with her persistent suitor Billy (Mark Dionision), also a killer for hire, makes her miseralbe and heartbroken. Events lead them to leave town and to back to the city where Sugar meets Billy's legal wife Myrna (Stella L.), a kind and naive woman whose only hope is for Billy to respect and love her.
Circumstances catch up that bring about an entangled relationship among them. Can they bear living together under one roof?

Sylvia Sanchez Movie Sikil

Three friends, two boys and a girl growing up in a small town south of Manila, share the same dreams, the same pains, the same visions and the same passions. As they reach adulthood the love they have for each other reaches a new intensity and in this perfect friendship, choices have to be made testing their loyalties while discovering their preferences. From being childhood friends they become three individuals struggling to find their true identity, looking for a deeper meaning to their existence. This friendship was almost perfect but for the choices they have to make, the very choice that is capable of ripping their friendship apart when boy loves girl, girl loves boy and boy loves boy. A different kind of love that brings on the true beauty, the deeper meaning of forgiveness and the joy of letting go. Directed by Roni Bertubin Ken Escudero Ashley Silverio Wil Sandejas Sylvia Sanchez Ernie Garcia Dido dela Paz

Katya Santos, Gwen Garci Boso Movie

Synopsis: Jake (Jeffrey Quizon) is a caretaker at a boarding residence that houses a whole array of characters– a born-again couple with an addiction for porn movies, a nymphet masquerading as a shy school girl, a virgin discovering her lustful predilections. Through the holes, he has carved on the ceiling, with surreptitious perfection. Jake has become privy to their most intimate and darkest secrets. Keeping a watchful eye on these people is not just a means to satisfy his carnal curiosity it is an addiction that makes him feel like a god. But one day his life changes when he hovers over the lives of newlyweds Cecilia (Katya Santos) and Ding (Allen Dizon), her husband. While his eyes feast on the couple’s sexual encounters, Jake develops a connection with Cecilia that he has never experienced before. For the first time, here is a woman who has shown him the real meaning of beauty. However, one night he takes on a careless turn triggering an incident that will eventually set a confrontation with Cecilia.

Director: Jon Red
Writers: May L., Jon Red
Stars: Jeffrey Quizon, Katya Santos and Gwen Garci