Wanting a financially better life, Dodong and wife Lolit (Yul Servo and Lolita de Leon) come to Manila, and stay with Dodong's friend Omar. Omar gets Dodong a job at the lechon shop owned by Nipsie (Elizabeth Oropesa), wife of a wealthy and old Japanese guy. Soon, the couple are immersed in the worldliness of the big city, and what used to be an innocent marriage is now entangled into an adulterous web. Omar is Nipsie's lover but begins an affair with Lolit as well. Dodong loves Lolit, but Nipsie wants him. Out of an appetite for things material, Omar tries to convince Dodong to accept Nipsie's advances so that all three of them may feast upon her money. Will Omar prevail?

Laman got an "X" rating twice from the MTRCB. When its public showing was also twice postponed due to the "X" rating, we began to wonder what was in it that it couldn't make it through the Board. To save the picture, it was allegedly sanitized and the offending portions were replaced with "reshot" ones. It was finally approved for public showing. When we saw Laman on its first day of showing, we did notice that the movie seemed hastily put together. It has editing snags; words and sounds are heard where they shouldn't be; there are scratch marks in some parts which are normally evident only in worn out footage; and while the music is mostly appropriate, it sometimes jars by its volume. The cinematography is also inconsistent—there are some artistically shot (erotic) scenes but there are also many which seem to have been shot with the camera strapped to a jackhammer. The casting is good, and so is the acting, making the characters real and believable, especially Dodong, the only character in Laman who resists the lure of the flesh.