Tuhog Movie

What happens when a tabloid headline about incest is visually translated onto the wide screen? Jeffrey Jeturian's Tuhog tells how the story of Perla (Irma Adlawan) and her daughter Floring (Ina Raymundo), both raped by Perla's father, grabs the headline of a tabloid and is made into a sex-film. Starring in the film entitled Hayok sa Laman are Jaclyn Jose as the mother "Violeta", Klaudia Koronel as the daughter "Jasmin," and Dante Rivero as the father "Amang.

"Kapag katotohanan ang ibinenta, kasama pati kaluluwa." Tuhog's tagline captures director Jeturian's masterful handling in showing the ills of Philippine cinema. The actual story is interspersed with the film and the spectators' reactions to their story being told in a brilliant way that leaves the viewers interest glued to the unfolding events. Cinematography is very good, particularly the refreshing scenes of the countryside, unusual angling, and the use of crane and earth shots. The lead cast's performance is superb, especially Jaclyn Jose, Dante Rivero,newcomer Irma Adlawan and Ina Raymundo, who essays her role in an understated but convincing way. Jeturian parodies the cinema and the school with tongue-in-cheek humor.